Hot weather has overstayed its welcome and I couldn’t be more excited that Fall is here. Fold and put away the short-sleeve polos and tees then wipe down the drivers and sport sandals for warmer days. The time is now to reach into the depths of your closet, pull down the flannels, Oxford-cloth button downs and the jumper.

A few years ago, I befriended a lovely British family. At one of our earliest get togethers (kids playing, parents mixing cocktails, me cooking) I wore what I thought was a stylish sweatshirt, dressed up with a worn Oxford underneath. After some catch-up talk, they complimented me on my ‘jumper.’ Little did they know, this piece has become my go-to layer for the cooler months.

You can dress it up or dress it down. A jumper can take you from soccer practice (with casual flair) to your next work meeting (adding a sophisticated twist). After much research, I’ve found the perfect one at Uniqlo. At just $29 and available in a wide array of colors, I stock up each season. The quality adds enough polish as a layer and the fit is cut to perfection. My favorites are grey and navy. Layer over any button-down and you’ll be the one getting the compliments.



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