I’m certainly not a daily, avid hiker but with an amazing set of trails in my backyard (South Mountain Reservation), an annual mountain vacation to Lake Placid, and the occassional snow-removal duty in the driveway, I need an easy hiker boot to help guide Kid A and company through it all.

THE LOOK: So important in my book. I’m want a boot that can dredge through mud and over boulders, up a tree and down a creek, and still look sharp for a post-hike beer at The Whiteface Lodge’s Kanu Lounge. No one should be subjected to a cumbersome, clunky hiker that’s only for the trails.

THE OUTING: With a narrow, sleek fit and comfort, the Obōz Yellowstone Hiker guides you comfortably to any trailhead while maintaining stability and traction along the way. And most importantly, my feet sweat. While it isn’t my sexiest trait, this mid-hiker keeps out all the elements while still allowing the boot to breathe. Best of all, Obōz plants a tree with purchase of any of its footwear. Your feet will feel good and so will your soul.

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