With the first day of summer behind us, it’s impossible to escape the hot and humid air. I log a lot of miles in my daily uniform, so it’s essential that each piece is curated carefully, including the ones that keep me moving comfortably — my sneakers.


The key to an enjoyable summer as a commuter are pieces that are fashionable, functional and, most importantly, breathable.  Kick clunky sneakers to the curb.  I’m not one for sandals (no one should see my toes anyways!), so an airy, light shoe is a true find.


With athleta-wear as a rising trend that’s here to stay (thankfully), I love opting for sneakers in bright colors.  It is summer after all.  One of my faves right now is Nike’s Flyknit Chukka.  Don’t be fooled by the high neck on the shoe.  While it’s definitely a different look, these shoes are both comfortable, lightweight and ventilated.  With an array of bold colors, you’re sure to make statement at your next Corn-Hole Tournament (more on that later).


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