THE DAILY UNIFORM:  Come Spring I basically have a fashion equation that works every day: button down + sweater/sweatshirt + perfect khaki/chino + sneakers. As a pastry chef, I change out of my clothes into my work gear at the lab. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t look put together in between.


THE QUEST:  One of the most important pieces of my daily uniform is the pant. It’s basically the workhorse of my outfit. They need to be functional and weathered, look good and last. If you haven’t figured out yet, I don’t like to invest a lot in expensive clothes (I’ll leave that to the wife), but much prefer spending less and tailoring pieces to my liking. Unlike most guys that loathe shopping, I’ve hunted far and wide for the perfect khaki/chino.IMG_1813

THE FIT:  Surprisingly, Gap, yes Gap, has a simple cut — Lived-In Slim Khaki — that works wonders after the touch of a good tailor. Most slim pants tend to have too wide of a leg opening. Having my tailor taper the pant leg ever so slightly lends itself to a true slim fit from the waist down to the ankle. And I pop a fold-roll on the cuffs (no tight roll here) for a twist on the traditional pant leg. With a wide array of colors, I opt for brighter hues in the summer and the basics in the fall. Now that’s a year-round pant perfect for my uniform.


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