Don’t get me wrong, a well-tailored suit always has its place in a man’s wardrobe. I have a bespoke Isiai suit that I will always love, but with frequent school fundraisers and weddings, I can’t afford a new well-tailored suit for every event. I decided to explore the cheap-chic option.


For the last four years of my commuting life, I’ve exited the F train at 34th St. and strolled through the Manhattan Mall as a shortcut to Penn Station. With an upcoming wedding and suits past their prime in the closet, I needed something slim, fresh and inexpensive! A mannequin at the newly-branded JCP (that’s right, JCPenney) caught my eye. There it was — a J. Ferrar Slim Suit in an array of colors for $129. That is not a typo.


I’m walking proof that it is shockingly true. With tailored-like pants and a slim jacket, this suit performed beyond my wildest expectations. The pants are slim from the waist down and maintain a narrow profile, which is not always the case with most off-the-rack pants. The double-vented jacket (a European cut) is shaped, not boxy, with tightness at the shoulder and waist without constricting movement. I opted for navy, but also picked up grey after it was a hit. I wore it right off the rack. Did I mention it was $129 and my wife wasn’t embarrassed?! That’s what I call a home-run purchase.


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