Good grooming habits don’t end after you brush your teeth.  Since high school, okay, middle school, I’ve been obsessed with taking care of my skin (more on that later) and wearing interesting fragrances.  Having a wife in the beauty industry has its benefits — including sampling the best of the best in all categories.  Here’s a spritz of my favorite scents right now.

FullSizeRender 4

I gravitate towards sophisticated scents in the woodsy and citrus families with a hint of floral.  That’s right — as guy’s guy, I’m not afraid of a few little blooms in my life.  You’d be pleasantly surprised how they work into the more masculine fragrances. I’m really into the new Carven Pour Homme — with vetiver, violet leaf and sage — and The House of Creed’s Silver Mountain Water — with bergamot, green tea and musk.  Are they inexpensive?  No.  Will the folks around town appreciate it?  Indefinitely.

FullSizeRender 5

After a long of night of potty training with Kid A, I need to spritz fragrance where it will wake me up.  I use the simple ‘spray, delay and walk away’ method twice.  Once on the front to scent my clothes and another from above which covers the back of my neck.

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